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Laid Back Cebu

Apologies for not being able to post something up for quite awhile. Other priorities piled up last week and I had to fly to Cebu for the long weekend. I have a lot in store for the remaining days of August so please keep checking for updates.
Here's a short post to fill you guys up:
I met up with a friend who had a bunch of snapback hats and raglans for sale and she decided to use me as a cap model. My friend made me choose two as complimentary. I got confused which one to grab because they were all so nice. I'll be putting up a link to her store as soon as she gets it up. Since I cant get my blog updated always, I use Instagram instead.
Instagram: paoloaradillos

Snapback cap, RayBan Wayfarers, Ivy League jacket, Raglan, Topman Jeans, Topman Shoes

Since I got two freebie snapbacks, I will be giving out one to you guys as soon as I get back to Manila. 
Please check my blog to see instructions on how to win. I'll be posting the mechanics soon.

Thank You!…


Thrifted Blazer, Zara Graphic Tee, 21MEN Jeans, BoxFresh shoes I honestly think that it’s not practical to wear blazers in the Philippines especially if your daily routine includes walking in the bustling streets of the metro. I know this because it happens to me everyday in school. I have to wear a coat and tie under the blazing sun every single day. 
There’s a solution for this problem:
Obviously, if it’s very hot outside, take it off. Carrying them around instead of wearing them under the blazing sun makes you look like a hard working person because it means that you have been doing a lot of work. 
Wear them at night. Manila gets down to 24 degrees celsius at night, so it doesn’t make it feel very warm. Plus, it would make you look presentable for a sudden invitation to a night club or for dinner. When I went to Tagaytay last month, I stopped by a few thrift stores. It was very hard to find decent stuff for guys, I got excited when I saw the store from the outside b…

The Sun Rises

THE SUN RISES in the Philippines.
Today was the aftermath of the whole monsoon disaster that recently happened in our country. For the first time in a long time, the sun woke me up today. It felt really good to feel the heat again. This doesn’t mean that everything is back to normal because it’s not. Please continue to #PrayforthePhilippines. A while ago, my friends and I took a stroll in the streets of the Fort. Here are some of the shots that we took:
Topman Polo, Topman Skinny Chinos, Kenneth Cole watch, Zara Shoes This is probably my first time to experiment primary colors together. Most of us are scared to admit that we fear matching colors in a wrong way, and that leads us to go for a monochromatic look or the usage of black and white. My friend showed me an article talking about a fool proof guide in matching colors. I decided to use the guide today. Tell me what you guys think about it. I will be coming up with a post about the color matching guide soon. 

I took some shots with my …

Monsoon in Manila

WE ARE ONE! Whatever happens to the affected ones will affect us as well.
To reach out while at home: Text RED (amount) and send to 2899 for Globe and 4143 for SMART 

I couldn't afford to post something about me despite of what's happening to our country. Let's all do this as one country. Here are some pictures that I've collected from Instagram. I do not own these photos, and my intention is for the rest of the people in the Philippines to see Metro Manila in a different point of view. Some of us may not be able to volunteer during the relief operations but there are a lot of ways to show support, and one of them would be your prayers.
This is something not to be ignored. 

De la Salle University relief operations: For relief goods drop off, all La Salle schools accept donations starting August 8,2012.

For those who opt for monetary donations: you could deposit it to the following accounts:  RCBC Bank -- De La Salle Brothers Inc. - HABAGAT
for peso account: 1296-714778  for doll…

Eldwin’s 19th

Coat from Korea, Ralph Lauren Polo, Topman Suede belt, Zara Skinny Chinos, Zara Loafers Ralph Lauren Polo, Kenneth Cole watch, Topman Belt, Zara Skinny Chinos, Zara Loafers

My friend Eldwin threw a birthday party last saturday at his home. It was a chill night, and luckily the weather wasn’t bad. When we got there, everything was prepared in their garage. A long table with a lot of food and drinks were just what Nikki, Gianne and I needed after a whole day at the seminar that we took. I miss having a house with a space for barbecue, pizza and beer. His party was a success, and he also got wasted in the end. It was a long and fun night for us.
I mentioned before that I went to Tagaytay to check the thrift shops that they offered, I was able to buy this Ralph Lauren Polo for 150php. At first, I thought it was really weird to wear thrifted clothes but I’ve learned how to not feel weird about it. 
Instructions to make it ready for you to use:
Make sure to wash it with detergent, hot water and …

Something New

Apologies for not being able to post something for quite a while. The reason is I took a seminar for four days, and that really consumed my time. Now that I’m back to my regular schedule, I will fill you guys with new posts. When you first looked at this post, I know that some of you might think that the pictures have nothing to do with the seminar. You’re right, it’s nothing related to it. Last friday night, my friends and I went down to the Burgos Circle not knowing that everything was full. So we decided to drink at my place and head down right after but when we went down, the bars were already closed. 

As I mentioned last time, here is my friend who flew in from Cebu. Her name’s Nikki. 

Morgan fell asleep, so all of us put make up on his face. haha The Burgos Circle view from the Condo.

All of us were from Cebu except for Abby from Abu Dhabi. It reminded me of how things are back home. Manila is really busy during Fridays so if you guys are planning to go anywhere, better…

Engine Start

Here’s a new post for a new month. I spent the whole day in bed because I didn’t have classes, and the weather was too gloomy for me to do anything. Apologies for making my blog seem like a weather forecast site, but I would just like to relate my experiences to the environment that I am in. At 4pm, I headed to the airport to fetch my close friend who flew in from Cebu, I will be revealing that person to you guys on my next post. From the airport, we went straight to “Sango” the burger master. We had to search for the location of the restaurant because they already closed the one in Rockwell. We really wanted to eat there because it’s not in Cebu and I’m sure my friend had been craving for it ever since. We ended up finding a branch in Makati. Afterwards, we headed to one of Fort’s hidden nightspots, the Garage 88. I didn’t get to take pictures. Oh well, time to use your imagination guys. haha
After reading my friend’s blogpost last night, I got the idea to …