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            Lately my focus has been taking on new adventures and a part of that made me lose the will to post something up here. I woke up today with the thought of recording my activities in my blog to show you guys my experiences.             My friends and I headed up North to catch some waves for us to surf. From The Fort, it took us roughly 4 hours to get to our destination and along our way, we got to witness nature and different cultures that we don't normally see in the city. As we got to Crystal Beach (the surf spot), the waves weren't that big but then we were told to walk a few meters off the area to where the waves are ideal for surfing. It was fun and I can say that I'd like to keep doing this kind of adventure. Surfing itself was fun but I can really say that the surf culture amuses me. Everyone in the area including the locals were accommodating and friendly. They also had a very chill vibe. As we walked into the their grounds, they had a  camping sit