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It doesnt matter what we do, We are going to do it anyway

WHAT I RECENTLY DID Bollywood Greenbelt 3 Club Backseat, Fort Bonifacio BGC 7th High

Flying to an Island

flying to an island. from Paolo Aradillos on Vimeo . A short clip of the summer of 2010.

real eyes realize real lies.

Had the shoot at the Guerrero’s residence. A few weeks ago, We were scheduled for a shoot at a studio over at Makati but we cancelled last minute due to the absence of another friend. During the afternoon, around 2PM when Gianne, her boyfriend and I were eating lunch we decided to just head over to Serendra, Fort Bonifacio BGC and take a couple of shots. We did not have proper lighting because we arrived the site at nearly 5PM and the sun was settling down already. We had a fun shoot, thanks to a friend who allowed us to use her condo. The site is located at the penthouse of Two Serendra. The place really transformed from the first time I visited it although its not yet done with its specified interior revisions. The sofa seen on the first photo is from NATUZZI Int’l, it looks modern and it gives the place a more spacious feel, the price makes your pockets a bit spacious too for its worth 470,958.00 Two Serendra feels like a vacation home in one of the growing c
I can’t really think of a good introduction to start with so here’s what I’ve got, Welcome to my page. This site has been up for a year and all my posts are nothing but random events in my life. For the past few months, I have been inspired by other bloggers who feature themselves, new things that they have tried or places that they’ve visited. With all of that, I have found the purpose of why I would want to revive this page and make it worth visiting. What is this page for? What we get to see in life stays in our memory forever, but with no doubt, It is way better to let other people see what captured your eyes. I’d like the world to see what I see through my photography. I hope this would succeed, and I hope that in a way, I’d be able to contribute even just a little bit of inspiration to every person that gets to pass through this page.