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Brussels, Belgium

Weekend in Belgium. Brussels in Belgium is one of the nearest cities outside France, and being a long-stay tourist in Paris, my friends and I thought of going on a weekend Eurotrip. Belgium is famous for their chocolates, beers, waffles and surprisingly french fries. All these are sweets, which would kill your diet if you had too much. I certainly did have a lot. From beer degustations (beer tasting) to chocolate hopping. It was a food trip! It's quite obvious since I was traveling with my culinary friends interning in Paris as well.  How to get there: Thalys Train (Paris Gare du Nord-Bruxelles Midi) around 100 Euros roundtrip. Where to stay: There are plenty of hostels scattered around Europe. For sure, you're bound to find one on google. I was fortunate enough to stay in a friend's house. What to do?(If you only have limited time) 1. Delirium Village (Beers!) - It's quite near the Grand Place, and it has loads of beer choices! I've never seen an e