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Bali Video

If there are two places in the world aside from my home country, that I love, it would be Paris and Bali. The lush greenery, friendly people, and the overall energy really caught me. The affordability of the place too. As a citizen of a South East Asian nation, cost of living is fairly low compared to EU counterparts and spending for basic necessities in Bali is similar to the Philippines. While I was there, I felt as if time had moved at a pace that suited me. I woke up at a decent time of 9 in the morning, took my breakfast, read some news and briefed myself with pinned areas to see without any timeline. Along my exploration, I was able to capture some moments that I'd like to show you all. Here is a video that I created:

Blog to Vlog

Over the past few months, I've constantly noticed that I am drawn into vlogs. I guess with today's handful information at reach, it's sometimes nice to let your eyes rest and effortlessly watch people entertain you. After my trip to Bali, I took the opportunity to visit my friends in Singapore wherein it was also the chance for me to re-visit the city after 10 years. Here is a clip of my adventure for three days summed up in a five minute vlog. It is also my first one, so comments will highly be appreciated.

Weekend out of Manila and the 2 times I got stuck in Changi Airport back in 2014

Today marks my 14th day off my last day at work and I'm taking a trip to see one of my good friends in Singapore. It was 10 years ago since I last step foot out of its immigration borders although I've spent a total of countless hours in their beautiful airport back in 2014 due to two separate reasons, which gives me the reason to look back into it. 12 hour delay The first one was during my transit from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to NAIA. I had purposely adjusted my layover to amount to 12 hours for me to explore the city. Unfortunately, I lost my passport in Paris a day prior to my flight. Although I was able to travel across the world with a photocopy of my passport, I braved going to the Singaporean immigration to try to go out. I blame the sleepless flight for this move as I should have known that it was merely impossible to enter borders without a passport. True enough, I was stuck in the airport for 12 hours. It was a beautiful experience with multiple en

10 Things to Know When Traveling to Bali

Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Ubud Bali, Indonesia has long been known as the island of gods, romance island and is also ranked as one of the safest places to travel alone. With its large international airport, which could be considered as far better off than some South East Asian countries, Ngurah Rai International airport cater flights to Asian hubs and direct flights to Australia. Before leaving Manila, I've read a lot of articles to prepare myself for the trip. Arriving with zero knowledge is always something that I fear although I couldn't say that I haven't done it before. For this particular trip, I've completely excluded partying extensively, which brings me to concentrate on the island's cultural value. Here are 10 Things to Know When Traveling to Bali: 1. Bring sunscreen and get a sim card     Bali belonging to the clustered islands of South East Asia has high humidity, high temperature and strong sun rays. Be sure to apply sunscreen! I walked

Escaped the nine to five.

ESCAPED THE NINE TO FIVE Well it's never really a nine to five job in the hotel world nor does it suck when you work on holidays. I had just resigned from my job precisely 5 days ago and today was when I finally completed the necessary formalities. Following my last post after 2 years, a lot of things have happened. After completing my studies in Switzerland, I made way through southern Europe followed by Iceland then crossed to the east coast of America towards the west directing myself home in the Philippines. Before reaching the finish line, I performed as a duty manager of a large 5-star hotel in the heart of the metro and after a year and a half, here I am now; a millennial taking his shot in online business with a large motivation of exploring the islands in the homeland or spots in South East Asia.  In the next coming days, I will be heading over to Bali, Indonesia for the first time but hopefully it wouldn't take 2 years before I start adding up conte