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Calming Elements

And again, apologies for not being able to post anything up here.
             Located inside Global City lies a piece of American land dedicated for the American soldiers way back during the world war. A man once said that the richest place on earth is the cemetery. He called it such because it is where all the ideas, traits, knowledge and more were buried along with the people. For me, I agree with his statement but I see it differently. I call it the richest place on earth because it is where I can relax brainstorm and search for meaning.

I mentioned that I went to a thrift store and picked up a few pieces of clothing. Here’s what I got: a large black button down and a G2000 button down. 

The rest of the outfit: Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Belt, Zara Trousers and Topman Penny Loafers.
Here lies the names of the American and Filipino soldiers that died during the war. (above)

I bought the black button down thinking that it would fit me well but it didn’t so I decid…

Cotton On Launching Philippines

Today marked the opening of the Australian based clothing company, Cotton On Store in the Philippines. Its flagship branch Cotton On Mall of Asia will be opened to the public on September 7 while the Megamall and the Bonifacio Highstreet branches will open by next week.

                            My friends and I arrived late and missed the fashion show but we were just in time for the formal store opening handled by Mr. Ben Chan and Cotton On officials from Australia.

When we arrived, all the models were on the final scene of their production. (above right) Cotton On offers special discount promos as of now. Go check the store to find out more!  They had a lot of good stuff available and the best part is that men have a lot of choices to choose from. So if you’re thinking of buying good quality clothes that are affordable, check Cotton On now!  21MEN readers, Cotton On Checkered Button-down, H&M corduroy chinos, Topman Penny Loafers

One of my best buds he…


I went to this rooftop parking area in Fort a couple of weeks ago and I knew that it was the perfect place to do a shoot. Here I am a couple of weeks later doing the shoot. Luckily, the place was barely empty. It also had lights that played a good role in the shots.

21MEN readers, Zara Heritage Blazer, Zara buttondown, Topman Belt, H&M camel chinos, Zara Shoes
I finally got the camel pants that I’ve searched for a long time. I couldn’t find the right one anywhere. The right timing came when my friend went to Hong Kong and got me a pair of camel chinos. Everywhere I go, they seem to have no stocks of my size. Camel chinos was touted to be the color of the year for chinos, agree or disagree? For me, I do agree, but that’s just me. Camel Chinos are classic and are easily paired with a wide variety of colors.
I recently read a book that had an article about suiting up. Here are some of the tips that I’ve learned:
For the tall and skinny man:
1. The back part of …

Urban Lifestyle

After keeping this project in my desktop for months, I am now showing it to you guys. I made it to showcase a certain aspect of the stereotypical urban lifestyle. I do not own the soundtrack of this video. Hope you guys enjoy it. I don't know what happened to the quality of the video, sorry.

'Till Next Time

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Fast Track


        Why am I naming this post fast track? Aside from the super cars that deserve recognition, I want to recognize how time flies as well. I started blogging seriously two months ago. A lot of things happened and I also received positive feedback from people. I want to say thank you to everyone who continued to show support up until now. I can’t think of anything else to say but to hope that you’ll like this post. 

Tonight, I felt like picking up my camera and head up to a perfect spot to do a shoot. I couldn’t remember the last time I did this, but one thing’s for sure, it’s about time to do another outfit post. Lamborghini Manila has been around for a year now, and the building that they are in is probably one of my favorite structures here in the Fort. It was perfect to settle here because most of the street lights in the Fort are yellow except for a few, including this one. It had good lighting. 

21MEN readers, Henri Lloyd Mercedes Benz Tee, Zara Sweater, Topman Slim C…

Up north

For  Mawi, LJ and their business, BEAUTY COUTURE PH.
                Last Saturday, I went up to Bulacan to witness the opening of my friend’s salon. Her second branch actually. I’ve escaped a lot from the city lately and I do like it. I love this part of Luzon and I don’t even know why. Every time my friends and I drive up here, its always a new adventure for us. Unfortunately we missed a few people here but it didn’t bother the whole trip. Right after we ate dinner, I went to the South to catch up with another group. I travelled from North to South in one day, luckily I still had energy until the end of the night.
(Nisan, Paolo, Abby, Aine, Mawi and LJ (the owners) )
Beauty Couture by Mawi Conferido. If you guys happen to be in Bulacan, please don’t forget to drop by at this awesome place. Follow their Instagram:beautycoutureph

After the opening event, Our group headed to Kabisera. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a franchise of the Kabisera scattered in the malls of the me…

The Come Back


After clicking the new post button, I had to stop and think of how to start my new post, I guess I became rusty with the whole process. The last time I posted something up here was 12 days ago and I feel bad for not being able to update my blog. My apologies for being on idle. I was busy juggling tasks for school, and I also got hooked up with suits. From now on, I promise to commit myself more.

                           So last weekend, my friend celebrated his birthday in Tagaytay. It was good to have a break from the busy urban lifestyle. In Tagaytay, we stopped at a thrift store where all of us unexpectedly enjoyed it. On one of my future posts, I will be showing the stuff that I got for a total of 150 pesos.

Ellesse sports jacket, Topman basic tee, Topman Vintage Jeans, Topman Penny Loafers.

              On a road trip, I would always wear something comfortable for the long ride. During that night, I picked up my ellesse jacket to warm me up from the low temperature. …