Up north

For  Mawi, LJ and their business,

                Last Saturday, I went up to Bulacan to witness the opening of my friend’s salon. Her second branch actually. I’ve escaped a lot from the city lately and I do like it. I love this part of Luzon and I don’t even know why. Every time my friends and I drive up here, its always a new adventure for us. Unfortunately we missed a few people here but it didn’t bother the whole trip. Right after we ate dinner, I went to the South to catch up with another group. I travelled from North to South in one day, luckily I still had energy until the end of the night.

(Nisan, Paolo, Abby, Aine, Mawi and LJ (the owners) )

Beauty Couture by Mawi Conferido. If you guys happen to be in Bulacan, please don’t forget to drop by at this awesome place. Follow their Instagram: beautycoutureph

 After the opening event, Our group headed to Kabisera. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a franchise of the Kabisera scattered in the malls of the metro. It was an old house converted into one of those hole in the wall restaurants with an artsy concept. The food was great and was very affordable as well. 

 One of my close friends, the innate comedian Aine Ong. I don’t know how we became friends, but I guess that’s what you call true friendship. By the time you read this, I want you to know that I always got your back.

Another one of my closest friends, Abby Guerrero. A dormer that stayed at the same dorm as I did back in our freshmen year. She’s one of my oldest friends in college. I thank her for everything because without her, you probably wont be seeing the best shots here in my blog.

 This is probably an antique sculpture in the old house before it was made into a restaurant.

Till Next Time.

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