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What happened last July?

Before the first day of August officially begins, let’s take a look at what happened last July. Here are some photos from my Instagram account. July is the month where I came back to blogging.

I came back to Manila less than two months ago, and a lot of things have happened already. As you guys might have already known, I came from my internship last summer, and it didn’t give me much chance to document my whole stay in Cebu. Now that I’m back, I would like to share a little bit of my side in this big city that we are in. I would like to thank all of you readers who have given the effort to read my posts. I will try my best to post something new everyday, so stay tuned. There’s going to be a lot in store this August.
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Nowhere close to stuck.

Plaid Polo by What a Girl Wants for her Man

Vintage Jeans from Topman and Shoes from 21MEN, Forever 21
Sorry for the blurred photo, will definitely get a tripod soon.
The skies cleared up for a bit and right after I took this photo, everything came back to how it was in the morning. I couldn’t remember the last time I wore a plaid shirt, probably because I always thought it made me look like a scarecrow in the farm. I got this shirt from WAGW for her man three years ago, and it still fits me. I was cleaning up my closet and I just couldn’t rid of this one. The vintage pair of jeans from Topman really gives out a laid back vibe to the whole outfit. 
I wanted to take a picture of the rain, but obviously I wouldn’t be able to come up with a decent one. I thought of a concept to capture the droplets of the rain along with the background. While I was in the car waiting for my friend, I came up with these abstract like shots.

Grabbed this photo from a friend, Here’s what happened to our school d…

Que Sera Sera

Yesterday was a free day for me, I didn’t have any tasks, which allowed me to not set an alarm in the morning. I ended up waking up at 2pm. I guess I needed to catch up on all the sleeping hours that I have lost due to a busy week. At night, I met up a couple of friends for dinner, it was good to see how everyone was going. I left right after dinner to meet up with my friends from Cebu, we had a few bottle of beers before my friend Eldwin called and invited us to his place. We played king’s cup and I ended up drinking the king’s cup, I guess it wasn’t my night. Incase if you’re wondering why it says “greetings from Iceland”, it’s the street name. I dont know but it actually felt colder in this side of the city. haha

Do you ever feel the sunday vibe to just relax and not do anything? Most of us probably have the same thought. Today was unfortunately another rainy day in the city, but I had tasks to do today. My alarm was set to ring at 10am but I t…

Forever 21 VIP opening Mall of Asia

Last July 26 was the VIP opening and the formal addition of Forever 21 to SM Mall of Asia. It had a short program including a fashion show that showcased the latest trends of the Forever 21 Line. The show definitely attracted by passers because Forever 21 never fails to please everyone, may it be during an event or when you are actually shopping into one of their stores. I arrived late so I wasn’t able to get a good seat, but still managed to get a decent view of the whole program. Afterwards, everyone headed up to officially open the store, but only the invited guests were allowed inside, and luckily I was one of them. It gave me the chance to document the 21MEN line inside. I am a fan of the 21MEN line ever since it opened in the Philippines 2 years ago, so I knew what to expect. When I headed to what is usually a small section for guys, it is actually bigger than the one in Makati. I remembered my reaction when I saw the new arrivals, I said to myself: wow! They were all awesome. I…

Video Project

I wasnt able to bring my camera during the day so I only had my iPhone to take pictures. Follow me on Instagram: paoloaradillos
Went to Tagaytay first thing in the morning to check the thrift stores “ukay ukay”, and had lunch at Buon Giornio with some friends. This is my favorite place in Tagaytay because there aren’t much people and it has an awesome view. Afterwards, I went straight to my friend Gello Conferrido to do his BTS video for this shoot, better watch out for it guys, Ill post it as soon as I finish editing it. StylistCarlo Niu, Gello Conferrido and the photographer Niccolo behind me. The studio, This was my first time to enter a studio for a fashion shoot.

I decided to wear something comfortable because handling the camera and moving around in tight spaces requires a lot of energy, and I know that I will definitely sweat during this BTS shoot, but it turned out that the studio was cold enough to keep the humidity away. This is my first time to do a BTS shoot that is for everyon…

Blue is the new Black

Black Loafers with skulls from ZARA Trench Coat from ZARA Skinny Chinos from ZARA Fred Perry Cotton Pique Shirt
This reminds me of one of New York’s streets. It makes me feel good to see how there are really good places in the Philippines despite what they always show in the news.

I have been looking forward to the weekend so I can finally grab the chance to shoot this but unfortunately due to the bad weather, I wasn’t able to grab the chance to shoot earlier this afternoon where this outfit would have looked best. Luckily, I live across this place because it is the only place where I can shoot without getting the camera wet. Blue is an alternative to black because it is very cooling to the eyes, but to be safe, I would always prefer the ones with the darker shade. When I think of a trench coat, on top of my mind would always be the famous beige from Burberry or black from another brand, but with blue, it’s easier to work with other colors because it is a primary color that is easy to comp…

Typhoon Weekend

21MEN Beanie and Readers, GAP basic tee, Quiksilver boardshorts, Oakley Slippers

Today was another bi-polar weather day. Earlier during the day, it was raining very hard then it stopped during the afternoon. Classes were suspended and so was the rain, so we decided to take advantage of the pool. We played a lot of games in the pool, which led us to getting really tired after. When the night came, we went to the gym and did our routines. To sum it all up, it was a productive day.
I decided to wear something that was comfortable since we were just at my friend’s flat. I wanted to achieve a really chill look so I played around with the shirt and the shorts. I had to cutoff the sleeves of the basic tee to make it look like a “singlet”. I also had to cut the shorts to make it look fresh instead of it being a dull piece of board shorts in my closet. Let me know what you think.

Thank you to everyone who has been viewing my blog. 
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