Blue is the new Black

 Black Loafers with skulls from ZARA
 Trench Coat from ZARA
 Skinny Chinos from ZARA
 Fred Perry Cotton Pique Shirt

 This reminds me of one of New York’s streets. It makes me feel good to see how there are really good places in the Philippines despite what they always show in the news.

                            I have been looking forward to the weekend so I can finally grab the chance to shoot this but unfortunately due to the bad weather, I wasn’t able to grab the chance to shoot earlier this afternoon where this outfit would have looked best. Luckily, I live across this place because it is the only place where I can shoot without getting the camera wet. Blue is an alternative to black because it is very cooling to the eyes, but to be safe, I would always prefer the ones with the darker shade. When I think of a trench coat, on top of my mind would always be the famous beige from Burberry or black from another brand, but with blue, it’s easier to work with other colors because it is a primary color that is easy to compliment. I know that it’s not practical to wear such trench coats in our humid climate, but fortunately, tonight was not hot at all. 

I found a DUCATI at the basement parking, so I wanted to create an old school photo out of it. I was scolded by the guard afterwards for not having a permit to do so, but hey at least I got the photo haha.

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