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Thesis Party.

"Refreshments"+heat. With Chris, Jules, Masako and Kyssa. Taking advantage of the sun in Cebu, Philippines. Today was another sunny day for us here in the Philippines. Taking advantage of the sun was what we did. I invited some friends over to work on our thesis for our English subject, but we ended up chilling the whole time. The blue sparkling water that the pool had made us want to just skip thesis and jump in. We met up at 11 a.m. over at my house and ended at around 7 p.m. We ordered food from different restaurants near the place, and we ended up eating a lot. After spending about 8 hours under the sun some of us became darker because of the absence of sunblock protection. In total, it was an awesome day. February 22, 2010

Watched ONE WORLD. bright academy

getting ready. Freeway. Ate at bigbys. watched ONE. Starbucks. After class we went to my house to get ready before the BRIGHT academy show in SM. We went to SM and ate at Bigbys. ate Katsudon, their serving was too much. Went to the Cinemas to watch the BRIGHT academy show. it was awesome. After the show, we went to Starbucks to rest. then we went to I.T. park I got too tired so I went home. longggg night. Febuary 19, 2010

Hong Kong last January.

At the airport. Victoria Stadium. It was awesome to see a live performance. Also had front row seats. Maria Sharapova. She's blocking my way. Last January 7th there was a tennis match, it was called the tennis classics, featuring teams from Russia, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Went there and had a good time seeing Hong Kong, the tennis match and seeing a lot of Urban City life. It was winter season but there's no snow. I didn't expect it to be cold but it was, too bad for the players. Electronics are really cheap compared to the ones here in the Philippines. Pictures above explain it all.

Ridgedale, Cebu City.

Went to the tip of the mountain where there was a flat surface with an awesome view. Went up there and chilled for a bit, and then took some photos. Fortunately, we got dismissed early today so I can do a lot of things before the sun sets down. I posted some photos of the mountains.


2 more months till new beginnings. Off to college after a few months. Creating this blog inspired me through the quote "do not count the days, make the days count." A lot of things happen everyday and some of them will be forgotten as we go on. Sharing the events that happened during the present moment is my purpose for this blog.