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Zip Line

Cebu City, Philippines Doce Pares Zip Line It had a million peso view Zip Line Time This day was for her. She's leaving to CA for good. In Cebu, the sun never sets. Five days from now, my friend, Mikka Espiritu is moving to Sacramento, California for good. This day was for her since time is running out. We had a choice of going island hopping or this but island hopping requires too much time and too much $$$. We had a blast because riding these zip line things can make you laugh, shout or cry. I had a hell of a good time during my turn because the view and the experience was so awesome. There's also a bamboo bridge that you can cross on, it has no railings and it's very narrow, falling down is fun since there's a cushion underneath the bridge. The height of the bridge from the cushion is about 12 - 15 feet, it was very cool. This summer has to the best one yet except I can't believe I'm saying goodbye to Mikka. After the trip, we all went to my friend's cr


From this To this Cebu City, Philippines is where I've spent my childhood days and for the first time, I will be relocating in the capital of the Philippines which is Manila after graduating from High School last week, I'm all set for college. The first picture is the Cebu City Capitol while the picture below is Taguig City, Manila.
Summer at sight! The Summergirl FREEDOM!!!!! All my good friends is all I need. I love college! 4 years;we made it through. It all ended up; yeah, just like that. Here's the day we've been wanting to come. 4 years seemed forever but it also seemed fast. High School is like Cancer, there are 4 stages. We have to fight to make it through, we have to suffer, we appreciate life more, and if we don't do anything good we won't make it. It has been a long time since I last posted something here, So we had this chill thing in my house last april 5, the day before graduation, it was a rush thing because we've been so busy lately and we barely had time to plan. We just ordered food and stayed under the sun for the whole time, and to think the following day was graduation, so some of us became darker but who the hell cares? it's summer. The temperature of the sun that stroked us was about 34 degrees celsius. No one got hit by you know so it was good, we didn't have to