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The best way to do a day trip to Kawasan Falls in Cebu

Kawasan falls is located about 3 hours away from the center of Cebu City in Badian. Recently, a rise of canyoneering adventures have drawn a number of tourists both domestic and international so I thought I may share how I took on Kawasan. The best time to leave the city would be at 4am to avoid any traffic from southern districts such as Minglanillia. Driving to the chapel where cars are parked before the kilometer walk to the falls was a smooth one. The landscapes and seascapes of the south is filled with coconut trees, mangroves and lush greenery. Lowering the car windows is ideal for a breath of fresh air.  Once you arrive, you can proceed and pay the environmental fee of about PHP 20.00 for locals and proceed with the walk that would lead you to the first waterfall where everyone is at. It's also where the iconic waterfall could be found. You can dine here, swim and rent the bamboo raft for PHP 300.00  mid-level pool  After a few minutes on the first level, a