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Lac de Tseuzier, Valais-Switzerland

One of the main things that you can do in an isolated area that is gifted with nature is to explore it. After living in this Swiss canton called Valais for two months, I have never gone to the extreme point of pushing my limits towards physical activities and extensive exploration until this post. On a sunday afternoon, a friend and I decided to conquer the 50 kilometre trail from our dorm room to the secluded land area of Lac de Tseuzier. We left right after brunch and endeavoured this route.  What we had as supply: Two bottles of water Canon 60D 50mm f/1.8 Sweaters Toblerone The trail had a maximum altitude of 1700m above sea level. It was a rigorous path involving steep uphills and downhills, single-foot path allowance but regardless of it all, it was safe. The alps of Switzerland has been touted to be one of the areas, which carries one of the finest air in the world, meaning we had some sort of a detoxification process while walking in the high-altitude moun