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Back in Paris Day 1

I am writing this post because I was inspired by two people, which I met from the youth hostel a while ago. One was from the Netherlands and  the other  came from San Francisco. After talking about art, design and travel experiences over beers  in the common area along with my other Filipino friend,  I had the urge to write after a really long time. PARIS,FRANCE I arrived back in Europe yesterday after two months of holiday in the Philippines. My current country of residence is in Switzerland to start my studies of hotel management in the Swiss Alps. As soon as I entered the borders of the Schengen territory (mostly European Union Countries) I immediately took the train to Paris. La ville lumière I wanted to capture the city as how I pictured it to be in mind. I've been influenced by French films, books and art about the city. I want to achieve something like the very elegant portrayal of Paris from Midnight in Paris and the very natural portrayal of Par