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Dux Lucis Pro Allis

It was labelled as "Mommy Tits" Express. ha ha. Baggage limit exceeded, had to put all our luggage in the roof. Sayote..Sayote..Sayote Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu City, Philippines Dedicatio, Dux Lucis Pro Allis. Climbed Mercado's Peak. walked approx. 12 km to reach the peak. Dux Lucis Pro Allis is Centre for International Education's term for it's leadership camp. 44 students of 4th year high went to Dalaguete, Cebu to participate in the 3 day camp. We left school at about 7:30 am GMT+8 and arrived 10:45 am at Don Bosco retreat house, the place was cold and quiet, the house was located on top of a mountain. During the first night, the temperature dropped to about 18 degrees celsius which was definitely not normal here in Cebu since we usually get a temperature of about 28 degrees celsius. We're not allowed to say anything about the event since it's a secret. The Mercado Peak which allowed us to see the West and the East side of Cebu was