About Me

About me

"I'm doing a gap year now after quitting my job"

My name is Paolo based in Manila, Philippines. I've been running this blog since 2010 formerly known as paoloaradillos.blogspot.com. Various topics have been discussed here ranging from my high school days, fashion interest, travel and finally lifestyle. 

I graduated university in 2015, worked for a year and a half before quitting last January 2017 to prepare myself for my masters degree on October 2017.For the meantime, I am traveling, asset building through my personal business venture, e-commerce and learning French at Alliance Francaise. 

Up until 2013, I never acted on my wanderlust. It was always just a dream. Leaving for Paris in 2013 for an internship dramatically changed my views and priorities. After giving up the obsession of unnecessary material items, I saved up to travel. The monetary tips that I gathered from working at a 5-star hotel near the Eiffel Tower enabled me to go to 8 countries in the EU in 2014. Following that was a year in Switzerland for the final year of my Bachelor's degree. Side jobs including tutoring enabled me to visit Eastern Europe, Greece, Scandinavia and Iceland in 2015.

In 2016, working for an international 5 star hotel chain had great perks including massive discounts on hotels. I was able to visit Australia, UAE, United Kingdom and a few islands in the Philippines. 

This 2017, it will be a record for myself. This will be the longest time that my schedule is very flexible and my income varies from my efforts. Blogging has always been under my interest because I use it as a personal journal to look back into when I am a bit lost in life. FILOWANDERLUST reflects my personality the most because I have reached the point in life wherein I quit a managerial post at 23 years old to do a gap year while waiting to enter the halls of university again. I wouldn't say that I am completely lost rather I am seeking for something and I am documenting it. 

The re-branding of my blog will launch with entries about my daily life as a Filipino doing a gap year, exotic travel around Asia and the Philippines, life hacks, and VLOGS. My aim is to document my gap year and hopefully achieve learnings from it. 

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