I'M Hotel Makati (Is it the newest 5 star hotel?)

Who is the new kid in town? I'M. (yes, that's the name of the hotel)

After spending most of my days working in a hotel, I've adapted a feature that subconsciously notices details of service and even the architectural and engineering aspects. I am proud to be a Filipino hotelier and from now on, I will be exploring more of the country and hopefully SEA nations as I will take you along with me.

I'M hotel bags the title as the newest 5-star hotel in the district. But is it really a 5 star hotel? The tall building soaring through the skyline of the CBD's outskirts located in Poblacion sparks curiosity mostly because of it's name. Similar to most, I asked why "I'M hotel" and up to now I still don't have an answer. After passing through the property along Makati avenue countless times, it was like a timelapse of the building's construction until a day came where they've put up a sign written onsen spa. Back in university in Switzerland, I took a specialisation in health and wellness including luxury spas and did a research presentation for onsen spa neighborhoods in Japan and that really amazed me. Onsen meaning hot springs have minerals in the water that claims to have numerous health benefits and has been known for centuries in Japan. Without any doubt, I was patiently waiting for it to be open so I could try it myself.

Last February, I went to the hotel to have a drink at their one of a kind pool. It features a lengthy lap pool with glass bottom panels (8 large panels to be exact) sending off the illusion of as if you're floating into space. The view to the bottom is the driveway though, which is a bit of a downer. Nevertheless, I think it's a cool concept and I would really want to jump in for a swim.

I made reservations for the Onsen Spa wherein they have a promo of PHP 1,500 inclusive of an hour massage, buffet in their Bloom restaurant and usage of the onsen hot springs. An option to use the area with recliners were also available for patrons to utilise and take a quick nap after a massage. 

I arrived at the lobby of the 6-level spa and was greeted by a very pleasant woman who then directed me to my private room with a well fitted hot jacuzzi inside (pictured below). This was an interesting concept. The features of the spa were outstanding but the ambience requires a lot of improvement. (The floor of the hallway was not even due to construction defects, the music was not soothing, the arrival experience was not outstanding and I had the impression of being rushed)

In room Jacuzzi.

The place is worth a visit as the introductory prices are very eye-catching. I am sure that they will improve over the next few months. The onsen hot spring area which is the highlight located in the respective locker area along with the sauna and steam room has a very noisy ambience. It's on the second floor of the building and features a free flowing air from the outside. All I heard was the beep from the cars that went on and on. They should really enclose it. That's all from me.


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