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"TO THINK IS TO CREATE" PSI- purposeful stewardship institute is an international organization. This organization wasn't something new to me. My parents joined this seminar about 5 years ago, my brother and I also took this seminar 5 years ago but it was the kids version. This year, My friend Narette, who was my classmate in PSI-KIDS persuaded me to take the PSI-BASIC seminar. It was scheduled on the 21st of april up to the 23rd. I took it for granted because I made my self believe that it's a waste of my remaining time here in Cebu since I will be moving to Manila on June 8. I mean it's 3 whole days in a room filled with people I don't know. I'm an introvert so that's not easy for me. Eventually, Narette stopped persuading me. May 17, 2010 My family and I went to Manila for several reasons and during the trip, my parents and I weren't really getting along well. I felt like I wasn't me anymore. Narette informed me that the seminar didn't pu

The long awaited vacation

Flew to Caticlan and took a speedboat in crossing Boracay. Crown Regency Resort. Boracay, Philippines. Rode the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) going up to the mountain. Rode the "Buggy" going up the mountain. The mountain side of Boracay. Haciendas. High School Buds. Up in Luho Point. Leased 3 Jet Skis. My friends and I planned this Boracay trip as a celebration to mark the end of our High School life. We took a short plane trip from Cebu to Caticlan and crossed the island using a speed boat owned by a friend of ours since she also owned the hotel we were staying. We arrived noon time and as soon as we arrived, we directly checked in and ate out for lunch. We ate at a place called "Azzuros" it was a mexican restaurant that offered good food. After lunch, we went out to do water sports, Surprisingly they took us in a speedboat to reach the head quarters of the water sports company. We leased 3 jet skis which divided us into 2 persons per jet ski. After the jet skis, we