The long awaited vacation

Flew to Caticlan and took a speedboat in crossing Boracay.

Crown Regency Resort.

Boracay, Philippines.

Rode the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) going up to the mountain.

Rode the "Buggy" going up the mountain.

The mountain side of Boracay.


High School Buds.

Up in Luho Point.

Leased 3 Jet Skis.

My friends and I planned this Boracay trip as a celebration to mark the end of our High School life. We took a short plane trip from Cebu to Caticlan and crossed the island using a speed boat owned by a friend of ours since she also owned the hotel we were staying. We arrived noon time and as soon as we arrived, we directly checked in and ate out for lunch. We ate at a place called "Azzuros" it was a mexican restaurant that offered good food. After lunch, we went out to do water sports, Surprisingly they took us in a speedboat to reach the head quarters of the water sports company. We leased 3 jet skis which divided us into 2 persons per jet ski. After the jet skis, we leased the "banana boat" which wasn't that thrilling. My friends rode the "Fly Fish" right after. We then went back to the shores of Station 2 and swam in the beach. We then had dinner at Shakeys by the beach, and then took a stroll at the beach at night then went back to the hotel to take a dip in the heated infinity pool which looked awesome. The next day, we went Island Hopping which included snorkeling, the island hopping was a FAIL since the waves were big enough to knock our boat off. We then decided to lease jet skis again, but this time we made the girls drive. My partner Kathrynne Cuizon drove the jet ski, she was born with speed and no fear. After a while the speed boat took us back to our hotel. We changed for a bit and the hotel car took us to the place where we could drive the ATV's and the buggys. We then went up to the mountains using the vehicles that we leased. The view was worth it since it was very awesome. We were diverted into ATV's since the buggys were defective. We were on our way to Giligans Beach, and on our way my friend met an accident which was caused by poor maintenance of the company which we rented the vehicles from. She was brought to the hospital in order for the wounds to be treated. During night time, we ordered take out from Yellow Cab and this other place and ate in the girls suite and bonded with each other, after a while some of us still toured Bora at night watching the bands who performed and enjoyed the attractions at night. It was 1 am and I went out by the beach to listen to some music played by a band. The next day, our classmate Pattie Abella arrived Boracay. We spent a few hours together since we were about to leave for Cebu. We arrived Cebu at exactly lunch time. The experience was the best.


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