PSI- purposeful stewardship institute is an international organization. This organization wasn't something new to me. My parents joined this seminar about 5 years ago, my brother and I also took this seminar 5 years ago but it was the kids version. This year, My friend Narette, who was my classmate in PSI-KIDS persuaded me to take the PSI-BASIC seminar. It was scheduled on the 21st of april up to the 23rd. I took it for granted because I made my self believe that it's a waste of my remaining time here in Cebu since I will be moving to Manila on June 8. I mean it's 3 whole days in a room filled with people I don't know. I'm an introvert so that's not easy for me. Eventually, Narette stopped persuading me. May 17, 2010 My family and I went to Manila for several reasons and during the trip, my parents and I weren't really getting along well. I felt like I wasn't me anymore. Narette informed me that the seminar didn't push through last April and will moved on the 21st of May. Our Manila trip lasted till afternoon of 20th May. I thought to myself, Maybe this opportunity is really for me. Other people had to pay an amount of 11,600 PESOS and I got it for free because I am a PSI-KIDS graduate. I was thinking, why not attend the seminar? maybe I could learn something instead of spending the 3 days in Ayala or somewhere else. I contacted Narette because she was part of the staff in this seminar, I told her I was joining. The day of the seminar came, It was held at Alpa City Suites, Mandaue City. I saw people in the roof deck drinking coffee, I knew that I was going to be with these people for the whole 3 days. I was the youngest among all but it didn't bother me. At first, I wasn't socializing. I was just kept my mind open to the lecture; absorbing all the lecture and stories. After the first break, My mom arrived and joined the class, that made me feel weird because I never tried having my mom as a classmate. I learned a lot from the first day but for me, the second day was the best. I made friends with a lot of people who weren't from my age bracket, maybe they pitied on me because I was so silent. The second day taught me a lot of lessons in life. There were few parts of the seminar that made me feel so emotional. I learned that the mind is the greatest power in the universe, some of us just doesn't know it because we resist knowing it. I learned that karma is the universal law that we cant run away from. One of the notable things that I learned was "What you saw is what you reap" My parents kept mentioning this to me before and I got annoyed by it, they kept telling me statements and teaching me lessons that I've never heard of before and I always resist to listen, and through this seminar, that's when I understood all the things that my parents were trying to tell me throughout these years. The whole class bonded easily, it felt like we knew each other before. Prejudice wasn't in the room anymore. My classmates in this seminar mean a lot to me because they were there throughout the whole transition of making life worth living. The third day was all about AGAPE and during that day, everyone felt like family, all 36 of us. I made friends with this lady who is in to photography, I checked her stuff in the net, and it inspired me to pursue photography. check her stuff out: Mai Pages. I also made friends with people who were from different careers. I made a friend who's life story is unbelievable. She was a regular 13 year old girl, through 50 pesos and she made it to Manila and later to Japan. She didnt have her parents with her when she first went to manila since her mother died. She sent her siblings to school and they all finished except her. She's now 38 years old and she is building a 150 million worth hotel in Cebu within the year. This inspired me to take life seriously because NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. This experience was worth it. I feel honored to have taken this seminar while Im still young, and I also thank my friend Narette for making me join. During the seminar, I figured out the notable people who took the seminar: Mar Roxas, Bayani Fernando, Dick Gordon and more.


  1. Yes it did! I experienced what you saw is what you reap this week. :)) how is it going for you?


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