Summer at sight!

The Summergirl


All my good friends is all I need. I love college!

4 years;we made it through.

It all ended up; yeah, just like that.

Here's the day we've been wanting to come.

4 years seemed forever but it also seemed fast. High School is like Cancer, there are 4 stages. We have to fight to make it through, we have to suffer, we appreciate life more, and if we don't do anything good we won't make it. It has been a long time since I last posted something here, So we had this chill thing in my house last april 5, the day before graduation, it was a rush thing because we've been so busy lately and we barely had time to plan. We just ordered food and stayed under the sun for the whole time, and to think the following day was graduation, so some of us became darker but who the hell cares? it's summer. The temperature of the sun that stroked us was about 34 degrees celsius. No one got hit by you know so it was good, we didn't have to take care of anyone. The next day was April 6, it was graduation day at 4pm at the City Sports Club Cebu. The whole program only lasted for about 2 hours. 95% of the students got loyalty medals, Im part of the remaining 5 % since I didn't start my freshmen year in CIE.


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