Que Sera Sera

Yesterday was a free day for me, I didn’t have any tasks, which allowed me to not set an alarm in the morning. I ended up waking up at 2pm. I guess I needed to catch up on all the sleeping hours that I have lost due to a busy week. At night, I met up a couple of friends for dinner, it was good to see how everyone was going. I left right after dinner to meet up with my friends from Cebu, we had a few bottle of beers before my friend Eldwin called and invited us to his place. We played king’s cup and I ended up drinking the king’s cup, I guess it wasn’t my night. Incase if you’re wondering why it says “greetings from Iceland”, it’s the street name. I dont know but it actually felt colder in this side of the city. haha


Do you ever feel the sunday vibe to just relax and not do anything? Most of us probably have the same thought. Today was unfortunately another rainy day in the city, but I had tasks to do today. My alarm was set to ring at 10am but I think I turned it off because I woke up half past noon. I had a late start again, not an unusual thing for me during weekends, especially that I came home late from last night. After I finished all my tasks for today, I headed to my friend’s loft and stayed in one of the common areas to get a bit of fresh air and lounge until the sun got lost. Afterwards, we ate home cooked food, which was really good. There was no daily routine that I had to follow today, whatever will be, will be.

Burberry Polo Shirt, 21MEN cardigan, Topman belt, Topman Shorts, Topman Penny Loafers.

Waiting for the sun to set.
The rain had just stopped, making the grass excrete this certain smell, the smell was good actually. This place reminded me of Narnia because it’s suburban themed in a busy city.
 In the past years, I usually didn’t care much about what to wear on Sundays because I have this mindset that people I know will not be out, but now I think it’s appropriate to present yourself well even during Sundays because you’ll never know who you’ll meet. I had a bad memory with this, When I was in high school, I went to the mall wearing decent house clothes, and I hadn’t fixed my self up because like what I said, chances of seeing someone you know is really low. As I was walking around, a really good looking girl, which happened to be my friend came up to me. If only I could be a superhero that could change clothes in a second I would’ve done it. Now I have learned my lesson.

Thank You.

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