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I wasnt able to bring my camera during the day so I only had my iPhone to take pictures.
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Went to Tagaytay first thing in the morning to check the thrift stores “ukay ukay”, and had lunch at Buon Giornio with some friends. This is my favorite place in Tagaytay because there aren’t much people and it has an awesome view. Afterwards, I went straight to my friend Gello Conferrido to do his BTS video for this shoot, better watch out for it guys, Ill post it as soon as I finish editing it.
Stylist Carlo Niu, Gello Conferrido and the photographer Niccolo behind me.
 The studio, This was my first time to enter a studio for a fashion shoot.

I decided to wear something comfortable because handling the camera and moving around in tight spaces requires a lot of energy, and I know that I will definitely sweat during this BTS shoot, but it turned out that the studio was cold enough to keep the humidity away. This is my first time to do a BTS shoot that is for everyone to see, so I hope you guys would like it.
 21MEN Shoes
 Backpack from Topman to keep my camera and my iPad. I like bringing my iPad around because it is where I store my concepts when I do a shoot. The 4G in the iPad greatly helps me search and do stuff on the go because relying on free Wi Fi disappoints me a lot since its either really slow or no connection at all.
Topman Aztec Shirt, Topman Skinny Jeans, 21MEN shoes. One fact about the Aztecs: It takes its roots from the ancient Mexican times. The founders and dominant group of the Aztec Empire, were one of the first people in the world to have mandatory education for nearly all children, regardless of gender, rank, or station.

Knowing what your agenda for the day greatly affects what you would wear, I mean you wouldn’t wear a trench coat on a sunny day, as you wouldn’t wear a basic tee on a snowy day. Like what I have previously mentioned, I decided to choose something that would make me look presentable and comfortable at the same time. This was my first time going to a professional shoot where I am going to meet a well known photographer along with his team.   When I got there, everyone was relaxed since it was a private shoot without a time limit, so I still had the chance to talk to the people and had the chance to feel comfortable before I actually got my camera and started shooting the video.

Thank you to my very supportive friend/photographer: Abby Guerrero

Thank you for reading.

Watch out for the video I am producing.

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