Typhoon Weekend

 21MEN Beanie and Readers, GAP basic tee, Quiksilver boardshorts, Oakley Slippers

Today was another bi-polar weather day. Earlier during the day, it was raining very hard then it stopped during the afternoon. Classes were suspended and so was the rain, so we decided to take advantage of the pool. We played a lot of games in the pool, which led us to getting really tired after. When the night came, we went to the gym and did our routines. To sum it all up, it was a productive day.

I decided to wear something that was comfortable since we were just at my friend’s flat. I wanted to achieve a really chill look so I played around with the shirt and the shorts. I had to cutoff the sleeves of the basic tee to make it look like a “singlet”. I also had to cut the shorts to make it look fresh instead of it being a dull piece of board shorts in my closet. Let me know what you think.

Thank you to everyone who has been viewing my blog. 

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