The Come Back


            After clicking the new post button, I had to stop and think of how to start my new post, I guess I became rusty with the whole process. The last time I posted something up here was 12 days ago and I feel bad for not being able to update my blog. My apologies for being on idle. I was busy juggling tasks for school, and I also got hooked up with suitsFrom now on, I promise to commit myself more.

                           So last weekend, my friend celebrated his birthday in Tagaytay. It was good to have a break from the busy urban lifestyle. In Tagaytay, we stopped at a thrift store where all of us unexpectedly enjoyed it. On one of my future posts, I will be showing the stuff that I got for a total of 150 pesos.

Ellesse sports jacket, Topman basic tee, Topman Vintage Jeans, Topman Penny Loafers.

              On a road trip, I would always wear something comfortable for the long ride. During that night, I picked up my ellesse jacket to warm me up from the low temperature. Everything I wore for the night were already featured in my blog. I thought I could try to mix and match pieces from my closet. 

One of the things that I always follow when Im not sure how to mix and match pieces is the fool proof color wheel.

Here are 2 instructions that I follow: 

1. The color paralleled with one another will always go together. 
(example: yellow and violet)

2. The color on the right will also go together.

Stopped at Nuvali. I always call it the Fort in the south because it reminds me of the younger years of Global City.

The birthday celebrant.

The cebu people.

To more adventures with these guys.

Thank You.

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