I went to this rooftop parking area in Fort a couple of weeks ago and I knew that it was the perfect place to do a shoot. Here I am a couple of weeks later doing the shoot. Luckily, the place was barely empty. It also had lights that played a good role in the shots.

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                                I finally got the camel pants that I’ve searched for a long time. I couldn’t find the right one anywhere. The right timing came when my friend went to Hong Kong and got me a pair of camel chinos. Everywhere I go, they seem to have no stocks of my size. Camel chinos was touted to be the color of the year for chinos, agree or disagree? For me, I do agree, but that’s just me. Camel Chinos are classic and are easily paired with a wide variety of colors.
 I recently read a book that had an article about suiting up. Here are some of the tips that I’ve learned:

For the tall and skinny man:

1. The back part of the suit must fall just right under the buttocks.

2.The pants must have a long inseam.

3.The shoulder pads shouldn’t be big to avoid looking like a lollipop.

4. Preferably an inch of the polo should be seen from the hands when wearing the suit.

5. The arms should fit well, and try to avoid suits that make it look like it could fit two arms inside. 

How to identify if it suits you right:

When trying on a suit, try closing the buttons and if your body looks like the letter “X”  effortlessly then you have the right fit.

But if the “X” body frame is very visible, it might be a bit too tight for you.

                 My fascination for cars kicked in again when I peeked through the rooftop terrace. I saw the Autostrada showroom that features luxury cars such as the Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Jaguar and beside it is the Land Rover showroom. The thing I love about this city is the abundance of cars that I rarely see in Cebu. Some sundays of the month, I usually see a lineup of Lamborghini’s, (vintage up to the Aventador series), Audi, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and more. Try your luck every sunday at the Burgos Circle of the fort. I’ll take a photo once it happens again.

 I was thankful to the spotlights that were installed. How could this awesome place be deserted? It’s a bit hard to find.
 It was like we owned the whole parking lot. Perfect to invite friends and throw a garage party with booze, loud music and super cars.

Thank You!

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