Brussels, Belgium

Weekend in Belgium.

Brussels in Belgium is one of the nearest cities outside France, and being a long-stay tourist in Paris, my friends and I thought of going on a weekend Eurotrip. Belgium is famous for their chocolates, beers, waffles and surprisingly french fries. All these are sweets, which would kill your diet if you had too much. I certainly did have a lot. From beer degustations (beer tasting) to chocolate hopping. It was a food trip! It's quite obvious since I was traveling with my culinary friends interning in Paris as well. 

How to get there:

Thalys Train (Paris Gare du Nord-Bruxelles Midi) around 100 Euros roundtrip.

Where to stay:

There are plenty of hostels scattered around Europe. For sure, you're bound to find one on google. I was fortunate enough to stay in a friend's house.

What to do?(If you only have limited time)

1. Delirium Village (Beers!)

- It's quite near the Grand Place, and it has loads of beer choices! I've never seen an entire menu dedicated only for beer. It probably had 300 choices. From local brewed to international ones. Oh and, MUSSELS! around this tiny street, you'll find good mussels for a cheap price.

2. Grand Place

- I thought of it as the city center because it is like a huge square/plaza where everyone seems to gather. Loads of restaurants and cafes as well. I was amazed when I saw this place. Very beautiful.

3. Mannequin Pis

- Curiosity will strike you if ever you see this little sculpture. It's one of the top visited attractions in the country. and I don't know why. Maybe you can tell me once you've seen it.

Waffles? Try the Dandoy Tea Room by the grand palace. It's priced averagely, but it's really good! Imagine speculoos with ice cream and authentic belgian waffles. The best!

- Pierre Marcolini. A famous chocolatier who gathers different cacao beans from all over the world. (a must visit!)

French Fries? 
- It's everywhere! I tasted one very good one just by the streets of Brussels. It's amazing how it's different from your regular french fries. I asked one of the chefs about this, and apparently, double frying it will make a differece.

 "Grand Place"

Backpacking is one of the things that I would really like to get more of. For it is affordable, and the experience you get running from train to train, staying in youth hostels with random people, and not knowing what will happen during the day. 


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