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Apologies for not being able to post something for quite a while. The reason is I took a seminar for four days, and that really consumed my time. Now that I’m back to my regular schedule, I will fill you guys with new posts. When you first looked at this post, I know that some of you might think that the pictures have nothing to do with the seminar. You’re right, it’s nothing related to it. Last friday night, my friends and I went down to the Burgos Circle not knowing that everything was full. So we decided to drink at my place and head down right after but when we went down, the bars were already closed. 

As I mentioned last time, here is my friend who flew in from Cebu. Her name’s Nikki. 

Morgan fell asleep, so all of us put make up on his face. haha
 The Burgos Circle view from the Condo.

All of us were from Cebu except for Abby from Abu Dhabi. It reminded me of how things are back home. Manila is really busy during Fridays so if you guys are planning to go anywhere, better plan it well. All of us met during midnight, the peak of the nightlife scene in the city. 
We checked everywhere to find a good spot, but we didn’t find any. The pictures will be able to tell you everything about it. 

Outfit: Levis Plaid Polo, Topman Skinny Chinos. I wore something simple but still presentable to the seminar because it wasn’t business related. Wearing a polo anywhere boosts up your self image, especially for first impressions. You only have 50 seconds to make a good first impression. Don’t count it, make it count.

Thank you guys for checking my blog. I really appreciate it. I will improve my writing, I promise. Please visit again, I will be putting up something new later because it’s already 4:27am and I have to sleep. 

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