Eldwin’s 19th

 Coat from Korea, Ralph Lauren Polo, Topman Suede belt, Zara Skinny Chinos, Zara Loafers
Ralph Lauren Polo, Kenneth Cole watch, Topman Belt, Zara Skinny Chinos, Zara Loafers

My friend Eldwin threw a birthday party last saturday at his home. It was a chill night, and luckily the weather wasn’t bad. When we got there, everything was prepared in their garage. A long table with a lot of food and drinks were just what Nikki, Gianne and I needed after a whole day at the seminar that we took. I miss having a house with a space for barbecue, pizza and beer. His party was a success, and he also got wasted in the end. It was a long and fun night for us.

I mentioned before that I went to Tagaytay to check the thrift shops that they offered, I was able to buy this Ralph Lauren Polo for 150php. At first, I thought it was really weird to wear thrifted clothes but I’ve learned how to not feel weird about it. 

Instructions to make it ready for you to use:

Make sure to wash it with detergent, hot water and vinegar. The reason for this is to get rid of all the bacteria, and just to make sure that it is very clean.

During parties it’s already given that guys should wear a polo. Don’t get me wrong, this only applies if no dress code has been implied by the host. The problem that arises now would be what kind of polo to wear? Should it be very detailed or a plain one? For me, it would always be safe to wear a plain one if you’re not sure. 

 (L-R, Nikki Ralota, Eldwin Tecson, Abby Guerrero,Paolo Aradillos)
 (Paolo Aradillos, Eldwin Tecson, Diddy Roleda, Gianne Dilay)
 (Mike Ang, Paolo Aradillos, Abby Guerrero, Karla Yu, Nikki Ralota)
 (Mike Ang, Paolo Aradillos, Morgan Joseph, Perton Mendoza)

 I am a fan of house parties because it gives us the power to do whatever we want to do. Your choice of music, choice of drinks and etc. You would also get the chance to know other people better. Like for us, there were 2 groups of people in this party. One group were from Manila, and the others were all from Cebu. It ended up pretty well even if it was the first time that the two groups were together. Thank you Eldwin for throwing this one. It was a blast.

Thank You to everyone who still continued to show support.

’Till next time!


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