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Here’s a new post for a new month. I spent the whole day in bed because I didn’t have classes, and the weather was too gloomy for me to do anything. Apologies for making my blog seem like a weather forecast site, but I would just like to relate my experiences to the environment that I am in. At 4pm, I headed to the airport to fetch my close friend who flew in from Cebu, I will be revealing that person to you guys on my next post. From the airport, we went straight to “Sango” the burger master. We had to search for the location of the restaurant because they already closed the one in Rockwell. We really wanted to eat there because it’s not in Cebu and I’m sure my friend had been craving for it ever since. We ended up finding a branch in Makati. Afterwards, we headed to one of Fort’s hidden nightspots, the Garage 88. I didn’t get to take pictures. Oh well, time to use your imagination guys. haha

After reading my friend’s blogpost last night, I got the idea to wear black with a hint of color. It suits the current state of the weather.
 Ellesse Sports Jacket, Topman Sweats, Zara Black leather pants, 21MEN shoes

My fascination of cars brought me to the basement of my place, I thought that the outfit matched my interest for cars. I found this 2001 Mercedes Benz SLK, it’s an old model but still  has class. 

Topman sweats are perfect for any day because it’s not entirely thick in terms of material used. I also newly discovered that Bratpack here in the Philippines offers Ellesse, an Italian sportswear brand. I had to research about this because I wanted to know its roots. It features Tennis as part of their specialties. Bratpack also offers a lot of high-grade stuff that are really worth checking out. Definitely going to visit again some time soon. check out their facebook page: Bratpack.ph

Thank you guys!

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