Laid Back Cebu

Apologies for not being able to post something up for quite awhile. Other priorities piled up last week and I had to fly to Cebu for the long weekend. I have a lot in store for the remaining days of August so please keep checking for updates.

Here's a short post to fill you guys up:

I met up with a friend who had a bunch of snapback hats and raglans for sale and she decided to use me as a cap model. My friend made me choose two as complimentary. I got confused which one to grab because they were all so nice. I'll be putting up a link to her store as soon as she gets it up. Since I cant get my blog updated always, I use Instagram instead.

Instagram: paoloaradillos

Snapback cap, RayBan Wayfarers, Ivy League jacket, Raglan, Topman Jeans, Topman Shoes

Since I got two freebie snapbacks, I will be giving out one to you guys as soon as I get back to Manila. 

Please check my blog to see instructions on how to win. I'll be posting the mechanics soon.

Thank You!


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