Thrifted Blazer, Zara Graphic Tee, 21MEN Jeans, BoxFresh shoes
 I honestly think that it’s not practical to wear blazers in the Philippines especially if your daily routine includes walking in the bustling streets of the metro. I know this because it happens to me everyday in school. I have to wear a coat and tie under the blazing sun every single day. 

There’s a solution for this problem:

Obviously, if it’s very hot outside, take it off. Carrying them around instead of wearing them under the blazing sun makes you look like a hard working person because it means that you have been doing a lot of work. 

Wear them at night. Manila gets down to 24 degrees celsius at night, so it doesn’t make it feel very warm. Plus, it would make you look presentable for a sudden invitation to a night club or for dinner.
 When I went to Tagaytay last month, I stopped by a few thrift stores. It was very hard to find decent stuff for guys, I got excited when I saw the store from the outside but as I came in, I couldn’t find anything. After three hours of searching, I found five items, and this blazer is one of them. 

Thrifted pieces deserve a new life, a second chance in the world. It makes me wonder alot every time I wear thrifted clothes most especially about the history of it.
 I have been looking for these types of shoes for a long time already, and I found them over at Bratpack Greenbelt 5. I am a sucker when it comes to the types of shoes, but if you do know, feel free to comment on this post.
I borrowed all of the wrist wear from my friend Anton Miranda. I asked him where he got them from, he told me that 3 of them were from Divisoria and the other one with the beads colored in black and brown were from Japan.

Apologies for not posting anything up for quite a while, I’ve been really busy and it ruined my sleeping cycle. Every time I wake up, the sun is already about to set and I don’t want to shoot at night because of lighting reasons. Last night a couple of my friends and I went out until dawn, and that made me wake up late again today. I was very lazy to do a shoot, but I decided to just stand up and do it. Motivation is the key haha.

Everytime I wear jeans, I usually pair it up with a graphic tee and that’s it. Recently, I’ve been wanting to layer it up to make it look more interesting. I keep on hearing people say that black and brown don’t look good together but I guess this one’s an exception. The whole outfit reminds me of those artists/musicians in the streets of New York or Europe.

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