Parisian morning

Woke up earlier than usual today to get a feel of the Parisian morning scene. Strolling down the streets, watching the sun rise, people working on their mise en place , cafes starting to get occupied by people who grab their petit dejeuner before heading to work. I wanted to be part of that morning scene. Since I really miss working here, I decided to go for the corporate look as I went out of the flat. 

La Seine River in the Ile de la Cite along with the Pont Neuf. This is situated in the central part of the city where trade between regions were strong back in the old days. Therefore, it is very significant to their government way back in time. 

 Saint Germain area - 
No it's not a German quarter of the city. It's an old district as well. If you are fond with the lives of famous poets and writers such as Voltaire and Ernest Hemingway, this area was their turf. They spent countless hours in the dozens of coffee shops scattered in the district. Now it is filled with independent galleries with different mediums of art. I was very inspired as I had my petit dejeuner in a cafe along this area.

While touted as the city of light, this city offers a lot during the day as well. A different kind of inspiration fills you in. Probably the thought that the day has newly started gives different opportunities a chance to be born.

Grab your espresso or cafe creme and start your day well!

This city will always give different vibrations of inspiration. It never fails to impress. There will always be this force that keeps pulling me back.

Paris Je T'aime.


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