Geneva, Switzerland

First of all, I would like to thank all my readers for sparing the time to keep up with my blog. 

Randomly, a friend and I decided to hit Geneva for a day trip. It takes approximately two hours from where I live and that was quite nice to hop on the train and see spectacular views of nature. One of the best things about travelling is the journey, it gives you time to be alone in your seat and reflect about life. 

I've been back in Europe for exactly a month now, and gone are the nights where I get homesick. I've finally adapted to the environment. Accepted the fact that living in the province has its perks as well. I'm back to the daily grind of my life and that's good. 

 Geneva known for its watches, chocolates, private banks and wealthy people also has the tallest fountain in the world; the Jet d'Eau. This is my third time to be in this city, and never has this piece stopped amazing me. If you stand below it, you can see the massive amounts of water gracefully falling to the lake and that was really glorious.

 My co-enderun buddy who moved to Switzerland the same time as me.

 One of things that I like about Europe is how you can freely lounge in the numerous parks scattered in the city. Sure we have parks back home in the Philippines, but it's really not practical to lounge under the scourging heat. 

 During hot summer days, people love to lounge in Bains de Pâquis, the closest thing they will ever get to the beach. I remember coming here last March and the amount of people cannot compare to how many there are on this photo. I guess they are just making the most of the last few days of summer.

Geneva, one of the main cities in the country is the closest city that I can get to remind me bits of my beautiful life in Paris. Some of the architecture are renaissance and the people speak French. 

I had a really great day in this city, and will definitely be seeing more of Geneva.

A bientôt!


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