Apres-midi / Afternoon

Ever since I was younger, every time I get the chance to sleep in the afternoon, I do. In Paris, the sun does not set until 10 in the evening because it's summer. I slept until 4 in the afternoon before I headed out to see some sights. It's now 9 in the evening and while writing this post, I can see the sunset outside my window. I took a photo of it and posted it at the end of this entry.

I did not make the tourist sights as my main subject in most of my photos today because I believe that details are more important. I want something that tells a story. This is something you commonly see in luxury brand campaigns. I think having the main tourist sights come off as discreet makes it better.

Finding inspiration in the different rues is what amazed me this afternoon as well. Some of the art galleries that offer minimalism and contemporary art are found in the Saint-Germain area. The district where I am currently staying in. I am quite inspired to create a gallery soon. I hope.

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The yellow hues that tinted the city at this hour makes me want to have a terrace and have some champagne and cheese.


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