It's exactly been a year since I took my blog seriously and I may not have been consistent with updating it, but I did enjoy it. I didn't have plans on putting up something here until I was given an opportunity to be an ambassador for Cesa Men I guess the title talks about how the past year has transformed me.

After taking these shots, I actually missed doing this. It gives me a sense of productivity and accomplishment. Not that school isn't enough work, I just like putting up something that I've conceptualized for the whole world to see. 

I'm planning to start a new approach for my blog. Instead of capturing people pose, I'd rather have it naturally, which means there's some sort of a story involved and not just a boring pose. It would be nice to have photos that could be interpreted in numerous ways. I'm trying to figure out how to do that with this post. It's my first one so tell me what you guys think.

It was great to be given an opportunity to work with Cesa PH. I really liked how their pieces are of premium quality and that they have numerous designs to choose from. Will be posting more soon!

Cesa Men tank top, Cesa Men board shorts, Guess watch, Aldo sunnies, Fred Perry shoes.

Please check out Cesa PH for more products!

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