Pattern Culture

                My name is Paolo Aradillos and I finally am back incase you guys have forgotten me. These pictures were from a long time ago before my long hiatus. I wanted to post this since I've never actually posted anything with patterns before. With the fast changing of trends in the world, this is probably outdated in numerous places but I guess there's nothing wrong with sharing.

                Back then, wearing patterns has not been made common to us guys except for classic stripes of different kinds. In today's culture, creative designers have made a lot of cool looking patterns for men to wear. Topman has been releasing different kinds of patterns for their buttondowns, shirts and even for their shorts. It's not that easy for me to pull it off, but sometimes I just really want to get out of the routine and try something different. 

                For this outfit, I chose to wear the aztec print polo from Topman paired with red Topman skinny chinos and Boxfresh mid-cut suede boots. Since you're going for something that would catch everyone's eyes, It's important to make the pattern visible by pairing them with bright colored pants. It's hard to consult the color wheel for this because of the numerous colors available, so I suggest you have some fun and experiment with colors on your own.

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  1. amazing .. your amazing man !! style and all :)


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