Western Work Day

For most of us in the Philippines, we might have came across this place at least once. For some who doesn't have any idea of where this is, it's up to you to find it. The working population of our capital city is rapidly growing with the numerous companies sprouting everywhere. In my two years here in Manila, I've noticed that people normally would kick in some style for their work clothes. A few years from now, I'll be part of the working population therefore I decided to experiment on something that would make me look like I am working at my own SOHO or something. I didn't choose to wear a corporate attire because being your own boss is so much better. 

Back to my title, taking a stroll in these streets remind me of the western world. I like the fact that they didn't copy something out of a European building blueprint but instead formulated something that took its inspiration from the western roots.

 21MEN readers, Thrifted button-down, Topman belt, H&M chinos, Topman desert boots, Louis Vuitton Brooklyn MM

 Guess watch that I received as a birthday gift from my friend Nicole Caluag.

Following the color wheel again, The blue hues compliment the camel colored chinos.

Ending the long day with a cup of iced tea while checking your social networks for latest updates is simply relaxing enough to prep you up for a night out at the city.

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