Waters of October

Weekends are the most anticipated part of the whole week. This weekend however, wasn't just like any other weekends that I've had. If I were to sum up everything, I'd say it was the great escape. It's becoming a weekly thing that my friends and I get out of Manila. This one has to be the farthest one yet. We headed down to Batangas and it took us 4 hours to reach our point of interest. 

The night before we left, We had been catching up with other friends at Barcino for some wine, slept for a few hours to get the wine out of our system and headed straight to Batangas early dawn.

 For their half day rate, they offer a total of 1200PHP/head inclusive of the board, helmet, 4 hour wake park usage and access to the facilities of their resort.
 The ski park had two sections, one for the beginners and one for the pros.

 It was our first time to try this sport, but really got to learn it well. We'll be going back soon.
The beach wasn't that nice, but since we got there before the wake parks were open, we created a sculpture named "the seawhoar" 

Till next time


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