If you might be thinking where I was for the past few days, I can’t summarize it into one post. 
It’s quite often that my friends and I grab dinner followed by overflowing drinks that keeps us until sunrise. Last saturday was something new. The most popular road trip destination if you live in the south would always be Tagaytay, and that’s exactly where we went. I’ve had a post about Tagaytay before but this one’s entirely different. We went up to a place called Crosswinds. The whole property looked like it was shipped right from Europe. We went on a hike up here and another place that overlooked the Taal Lake, but because it was raining,the fog had covered up the whole view.

When I revived my blog last July, I admit that I was pressured to post outfit shots, but I figured out that sharing out my experiences are as good as those outfit shots.

 Upon entering the village, a sign post encouraged people to roll down their windows to smell the fresh pine trees. It did have a scent like one of those air fresheners for the car.

 An employee at the property told us that during christmas season, Artificial snow will be placed to portray a strong spirit of the western world. Can’t wait to comeback and check it out.
Right after our stay at crosswinds, we came across a camping spot with a hiking trail to a mini forest. I wasn’t able to take pictures because it was raining when we followed the path.

Till next time.


  1. wow nice photos i like your hair as well :]


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