Sunday Vibes

 Cardigan from 21MEN, Cotton On Polo, Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Belt, 21MEN Shorts, Pedro shoes,Polarized Wayfarers by RayBan.

On sundays, it’s usually a laid back day compared to any other day because you are meant to relax but still have some fun as well. My ideal sunday would be to go to the gym in the morning, go to church, to eat lunch somewhere I haven’t tried before, afternoon chill with the gang in high street followed by dinner.
I’ve included numerous colors in what I wore, but I made sure that it would compliment each other. The shorts complimented the dark tone of the cardigan making the blue plaid polo look much more visible and cooling to the eyes. The Damier Graphite belt from LV made everything look classic.

The whole look reminds me of going to the yacht club in the afternoon or to some country club. With the hot climate of the Philippines, its hard to apply layers of clothing all over but in this case, I consider the shorts as my vent to all the humidity. Overall, this is classic without sacrificing cool, Literally.

Thank You.


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