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 DC cap, Topman Sweatshirt, Topman Chino Shorts, Topman Canvas Plimsolls

Last weekend, A couple of my friends and I headed over to Subic for a debut celebration. We left MNL with pleasant weather, which made me decide to wear casual clothes since the party was beach themed. When we got to the freeway, it started to rain really hard up until we reached Subic. Luckily, I was wearing a sweatshirt which made me not mind the temperature when it dropped.

In this season, we will not rely on the weather outside because it would rapidly change in a snap. It would be best to be prepared always. 

I chose to wear this sweatshirt because I wanted to try geometrical prints combined with plain colors. I would always like to aim for simplicity to become neither overdressed or underdressed.

Thank You!

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