Layer for a good weather

21MEN readers, 21MEN Cardigan, 21MEN Polo,Topman Chinos,ALDO leather belt,Dark Blue Suede Loafers

 25th and 7th Ave. Fort, BGC

 Trying to be vintage.

 Thanks to my friend, Amada Guerrero for the pictures.

I recently got a new lens for my camera, it’s a 50mm f/1.8. The new lens is great for portrait shots because it makes the details clear and visible to the eye, and the best part is its price, it's only 4,500PHP.

Earlier tonight, it was raining really hard and there were a lot of lightning strikes, which I could really see clearly from my flat. I thought that this was finally going to be the night that I would stay at home and sleep due to the weather. As soon as the skies cleared out, My friend and I went to the 25th and 7th ave. of BGC to take these shots.

The weather was fairly cold making me not feel any warmth, thus making it possible for me to try this look. The classic chinos from Topman give a really good slim fit for me that’s why I always choose to wear their jeans. 

The polos in 21MEN are american sized therefore making it hard for me to wear them. This issue does not stop me from buying since their polos are really cool, what I usually do is to tuck it in. It will make you look taller because it gives the lower and the upper part of the body an equal proportion.

I’ve received some feedback about my lack of layer, so in this post, I wanted to show something that is really different from what I usually wear. It was a bit hard to mix and match but, I hope I did it right. Tell me what you think.

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