After a long time of nothing up here.


I haven’t bothered to update this blog for a long time, but now as much as possible I would put up stuff here.

So the school year has just started again, and so did the massive sale among international labels here in MNL. Spending my whole summer in Cebu doing my internship did not give me enough time to experience the city as how I’d like it, that includes having time to check out new stuff at the malls. When I came back a few days ago, I wanted to try a new look for a new term. So with the help of some friends, I came up with a few looks. I admit that I am a sucker when it comes to personal style because I would usually just choose a vintage tee along with jeans and of course, the legendary Vans, so now I am slowly learning other options. Oh and over the weekend, I created my own studio at home, it's really small and it lacks equipment but it still did a good job.

 Two Serendra, Fort BGC

Only had one pair of shoes for today, Topman.

 The first look: DC cap, Topman Basic Tee, Zara Jeans, Topman shoes.
Second look: Sunglasses from Abu Dhabi,21MEN Leather Jacket,Topman basic Tee,Zara Jeans,SM accessories belt,Topman shoes.

“What I wore here saved me from getting soaked under the rain later that night.”

The third look (below) is something that you wouldn’t see me wearing on a regular day. My friend told me that I should put a layer on my vintage tee so here it is:

21MEN Polo, 21MEN Vintage Tee, Zara Pants, SM Accessories belt, Topman Shoes.

Thanks to my friend Abby Guerrero for helping me out.


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