The Lazy Day

Fred Perry’s are classic.

The Bridge.
Summer break has started and I am back to my hometown. I have a lot of plans for this summer, one of them would be enrolling at The International Academy of Film and Television not that I would want to be an actor but instead, I would wanna learn more about Film Making. So I went to the other side of the city to check the studio out, but it turned out they only offered long time courses, and I couldn’t commit to that right now since I am taking up Culinary, Oh well, maybe someday. It was a very lazy day for me and my friends, so we decided to go under the bridge to see the “ghetto” part of the island. It was cool cause you can see ships passing under the bridge and as they pass, the waves get bigger, which makes them smash to the “seawall” (2nd photo/right) After we went to the bridge, we went to the mountainous part of my village and found a deserted area where you can view the whole city of Cebu.


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